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Between 1644-1911, the Manchurians ruled over China under the name of the Qing (Ching) Dynasty. This was only the second time that the Chinese people were under a foreign rule since the inception of the first Chinese Dynasty in 2000 B.C.

The Manchurians were quite harsh to he Chinese people and treated them like second class citizens. Uprisings by the Chinese people occurred quite often, and the Manchurian rulers soon banned martial arts from being practiced by the Chinese people.

During the Qing Dynasty, one single house was regarded throughout China as having perfected the art of sword crafting - the House of Liu. The House's own sword fighting styles and skills were unrivaled as well. It was because of these talents and strengths that the Manchurians felt uneased with the House of Liu.


Under the darkness of one late night, a large Manchurian Army was sent to ambush the House of Liu while the inhabitants were asleep. The soldiers were able to kill everyone in the House due to their element of surprise and their vast numbers. The attack only ceased after they burnt the House down to the ground.

The Manchurians believed that their fear was finally over... but in reality, it had just begun.

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What the Manchurians didn't know was that there were two kids missing from the House of Liu on that fateful night. A little girl nicknamed "Mei Mei" and a little boy nicknamed "Di Di" had actually sneaked out of the House earlier that night in order to play at the nearby Shaolin Temple.

When Mei Mei and Di Di returned to the House of Liu, they were filled with disbelief at what they saw. They knew instantly that the Manchurians were behind the ambush and that they must avenge the deaths of their friends and families. The two best friends promised in to protect each other and to destroy their enemies in the name of House of Liu.

They vowed to..."Protect and destroy!"

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